Gavin Grace joins Authlogics

Authlogics has appointed Gavin Grace as Business Development Lead.

Gavin brings to Authlogics more than three decades of experience working in the technology industry, in senior strategic, operational and growth roles at organisations including Hewlett Packard and IBM. A proven problem solver, Gavin is focused on helping organisation to leverage new technologies that deliver tangible value to a business.

Commenting on his appointment Gavin states: “Password security and password management are a problem facing organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors, even if they do not realise it.” He points to the huge volume of breached passwords that employees are unwittingly using to access important systems and data. “Each day Authlogics is adding in the region of one million new records to its password breach database, yet many administrators and users of the associated accounts are unaware they have been compromised and a vulnerability exists. Having a password policy that enforces strong passwords is no longer enough.”

Bracknell-based Authlogics has a global customer-base and a strong partner network, based on its approach to simple and secure start to finish authentication. Gavin adds: “Authlogics has been growing rapidly in the UK, across mainland Europe, the U.S and Middle East. There is a huge potential for the company to grow and quickly. My role is to ensure we realise this vast global opportunity and strengthen our UK ventures.”

CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope adds: “Throughout his career, Gavin has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to solve real world problems with the application of the right technology. His appointment demonstrates the commitment of Authlogics to present every organisation with a clear strategy to address their password problems today and provide a defined pathway to a passwordless tomorrow.”

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