EEMA Intelligence Report: Will Distributed Identity Ever Be Intelligible to the Average Citizen?

EEMA has published its first EEMA Intelligence Report, providing new research findings and world-leading expert commentary on the issue – Will Distributed Identity Ever Be Intelligible to the Average Citizen?

Distributed Identity is the new buzz-phrase for the identity industry and is focused on the premise that citizens should be give more control over their identity an how much information is shared and with whom. As Identity experts grapple with the philosophical, technological, logistical and legal aspects regarding if and how Distributed Identity becomes a reality, there is a question mark over whether those it aims to empower will fully comprehend and embrace the concept.

The EEMA Intelligence Report asks the question – Will Distributed Identity Ever Be Intelligible to the Average Citizen? And the results reveal that  43% believe that it needs to be invisible to the average person; 32% say that it is easy to understand with some public education, whilst  25% of the 92 respondents think it’s  too complicated and will not succeed.

The new paper includes insights from John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity and Innovation at Signicat in Norway; Marc Sel, Founder and director of Trust Warp, based in Belgium and Arkadiy Kremer from RANS in Russia. Marc Sel comments: “One can but hope that some Distributed Identity solutions will prove their value in practice, while respecting the law including the protection of its users privacy. After all, many people are capable of driving a car without understanding the details of its inner working.”

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, states: “The key for distributed identity is to offer functionality that can require no additional effort (or thought) by the consumer. Therefore, an almost plug-and-play changeover must be offered. Not easy if the paradigm is so different, and Distributed Identity is indeed different.”

Shamah adds: “We are proud to start 2021 with the launch of this exciting new initiative.” The EEMA Intelligence Report takes advantage of EEMA’s privileged position, having unfettered access to an extensive global network of world-leading experts, working at the highest levels in corporate organisations, national governments, EU departments and academic institutions. Each report provides high-level vendor neutral insights into current and future trends and technologies that could impact society, commerce and governance.  

The first EEMA Intelligence Report is available to EEMA members and non-members as a free download available at: eema-intelligence-first-edition.pdf

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