EVENT: Join the decentralized identity debate at EEMA Fireside Briefing in London on 23rd October

The debate for and against decentralized (or self-sovereign) identity continues to rage and next Tuesday evening (23rd October) in London, the independent think-tank, EEMA, is hosting a High-Level Fireside Briefing, where an expert panel will consider if people really want to be in charge of their identity, should they and if so how to do it.

Speakers include:

Jon Shamah-2 small
Jon Shamah

Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA

John Erik 2017-04-b
John-Erik Setsaas

John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity & Innovation, Signicat


Evgeny Chereshnev, Founder & CEO Biolink Tech

David Alexander

David Alexander, Chief Executive, Mydex 

The event is taking place from 6pm till 8.30pm at ATOS in London, Mid City Place, 71 High HolbornSpaces are limited and pre-registering is essential. To book your place visit: https://www.eema.org/event/decentralised-identity-eema-fireside-briefing/


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